Mike’s campaign to serve as state representative is a continuation of his decade-long public service to the people of the 30th Legislative District and our state. Olympia is a mess; it’s time for a change. Mike will bring his knowledge and experience to bring new independent leadership to the pressing issues we face --

Protecting our community: Families and local businesses are feeling less secure. Olympia has taken away supervision tools needed by local law enforcement to protect our community. As a former Deputy Prosecuting Attorney in South King County and as a state prosecutor, Mike understands these challenges and has been a voice to crime victims throughout the 30th Legislative District for the last decade, including prosecuting gun and other violent assaults in Federal Way and Auburn, sex trafficking in South King County, robbery in Des Moines, and felony DUI and healthcare-provider elder abuse in Auburn. He managed a statewide criminal investigative unit. In the legislature, Mike will lead on criminal justice issues and make being smart on crime a priority, so our community can be a safe place to raise a family and do business.

Standing up to corporate powers: It’s getting harder for small businesses and the average consumer to compete with corporate powers. Olympia is overly influenced by corporate interests. Not a politician, Mike has managed statewide teams of criminal investigators and prosecutors that have stood up to corporate powers, returning over $30 million to taxpayers from corporate fraud. He has helped lead groundbreaking national litigation against an international healthcare corporation that put profits over patients in Auburn, and returned to taxpayers money fraudulently taken by out-of-state pharmaceutical companies. In the legislature, Mike will stand up to corporate powers so that all members of our community have their voice heard in Olympia.

Protecting Taxpayers: Mike has been a state leader in fighting for taxpayers and combatting government waste and fraud. He has returned millions to taxpayers from government waste. He opposes a state income tax and supports state legislation to cap county property tax rates. As The Seattle Times [read the full endorsement editorial here] has said:

"It’s rare to hear a Democrat say there is waste and fraud in government. Pellicciotti does, knows where to find it and is credible when he says he’d help pass sharply written laws to root out further fraud. That background makes him a refreshing addition to the Legislature . . .

He opposes an income tax . . . [and] seems to have a genuine concern about the property-tax burden on struggling 30th Legislative District voters. As a result, he said he opposes lifting a cap on property taxes." - The Seattle Times Endorsement, 10/09/16

Giving voice to the voiceless: The poor, disabled, and elderly are being denied the personal dignity they deserve. Olympia needs to do more to ensure that the rights of our most vulnerable are protected. As a statewide prosecutor, Mike has helped lead statewide efforts to combat the abuse of Medicaid recipients. He has led efforts to stop elder abuse, and Mike will write laws to make it easier to prosecute senior abuse offenders. He has preserved tax dollars meant for the poor and disabled. As the Chair of the Equal Justice Coalition, Mike has sought to ensure that the legal rights of veterans, homeowners, and the most vulnerable in our community are upheld. As the alternate member of the Federal Way Human Services Commission, Mike has worked with local non-profits that are committed to providing basic services to our most vulnerable. In the legislature, Mike will continue to focus on serving all members of the 30th Legislative District – not just those of influence – giving voice to those who are not currently being heard in Olympia.

Investing in our children: Our children are not getting the support they need from Olympia. Legislators are currently being held in contempt by our State Supreme Court for failing to adequately fund our schools. This is unacceptable. Quality education is a right, and is necessary for the future development of our region. Mike will advocate for the funding of schools in our communities to be the paramount duty of the legislature.