Mike Pellicciotti (pelly-chotty) grew up in a family of educators and is the product of public schools. He was instilled with values that if you work hard and play by the rules, anything is possible. 

In high school, he worked as a busboy to help earn money for college. After college, he earned scholarships for graduate school and law school, before becoming an attorney dedicated to public service. Not a politician, Mike thinks it’s time for a change -- he wants to combat government waste and bring new independent leadership to make our region a safer place to live, a better place to get an education, and an engine for job growth.

A Decade of Public Safety Leadership in our Community

In 2005, Mike began a career in public service when the late-King County Prosecuting Attorney Norm Maleng first appointed Mike to serve as a Deputy Prosecuting Attorney. Over the last decade, Mike has worked to improve public safety in King County and throughout the 30th Legislative District. As a King County prosecutor, he joined law enforcement in Federal Way, Algona, Des Moines, Auburn, Milton, Pacific, and unincorporated South King County to keep our communities safe. He was one of the first prosecutors to send to prison those felony DUI offenders in South King County who repeatedly put our public safety at risk. He led case prosecutions against sex trafficking and felony domestic violence offenders in Federal Way and throughout the 30th Legislative District. Mike sent sexual predators to prison and was a voice for victims. He wants to make our region a safer place to raise a family and do business.

Leader in Fighting Government Waste and Improving Healthcare

Mike is particularly committed to improving our region’s healthcare system and preserving tax dollars. Mike was appointed by Attorney General Bob Ferguson to lead state efforts to combat healthcare fraud and the abuse of vulnerable adults. Fighting against government waste, Mike has managed teams of investigators and prosecutors, returning over $30 million dollars to taxpayers from healthcare providers and out-of-state pharmaceutical corporations who commit fraud. He has criminally convicted those healthcare providers in our region who have stolen tax dollars intended for the poor and disabled, or who have abused seniors.

Dedication to Job Growth and Transportation Improvements

Mike was a United States Fulbright Scholar, studying economic development. He understands the importance of creating quality jobs and a strong economy. He learned how to grow business and transportation development effectively in rural and suburban communities. Mike is committed to bringing good jobs to South King County and North Pierce County through strategic efforts to address our region’s economic development challenges. 

Passion for Educational Opportunities for All

While in law school, Mike was a leader in national efforts to improve student loan access for students – especially those serving the public – so that students from our region, regardless of financial background, can better access educational opportunities. Mike continues to promote educational access, previously serving on the Board of Regents of Gonzaga University and as president of its law school board. Based on his Jesuit Catholic education, Mike maintains a passion that everyone in our region should have access to quality education and that state government has a paramount duty to fully fund our schools.

State and National Leader for Equal Justice

Mike believes in equal access to opportunity. He has served on the board of directors and managed the $100-million budget allocations for a non-profit organization, and he legislated its national policy. He also worked with the Legislature in Olympia as the Chair of our Washington Equal Justice Coalition, seeking to improve access to basic rights and equal treatment for all citizens. This has ensured that South King County and North Pierce County homeowners aren’t victimized by predatory corporate lenders, workers don’t unlawfully lose their jobs, veterans receive the benefits to which they are entitled, and everyone is treated equally before the law.  

New Leadership for our Community 

Mike lives in Federal Way and wants to see new leadership step up to take our community forward with new ideas. The Federal Way City Council appointed Mike as the alternate member of the Federal Way Human Services Commission, where he supports local non-profits throughout South King County to ensure that our community has the social services necessary to develop our region. He is currently an appointed 30th Legislative District Democratic Precinct Committee Officer, who will bring independent leadership to the 30th Legislative District as your State Representative. He wants to make our community a destination for a new generation. 

In his free time, Mike enjoys spending time with his law school-sweetheart, Jaime, following Gonzaga Basketball, fishing, and enjoying the natural beauty that our area offers.