Mike Pellicciotti (pelly-chotty) has been fighting to reform government in Olympia

-- he rejects all corporate CAMPAIGN donations

In high school, he worked as a busboy to help earn money for college. After college, he earned scholarships for graduate school and law school, before becoming an attorney dedicated to public service in South King County. He is now a freshman legislator being a voice for working families.


Mike has fought to change Olympia after years of inaction by past legislators. In the House of Representatives, Mike successfully led the passage of a new law to get “dark money” out of politics, shining the light on special interest funding of our elected officials. He has voluntarily provided his public records and led the successful effort to thwart the legislature’s attempt to hide legislator’s public records. He has also introduced a bill to close the lobbyist “revolving door,” so that politicians cannot immediately seek to enrich themselves as paid lobbyists after elected office.

A Decade of Public Safety Leadership in our Community

In 2005, Mike began a career in public service when the late-King County Prosecuting Attorney Norm Maleng first appointed Mike to serve as a Deputy Prosecuting Attorney. Mike took on domestic violence batterers and sex traffickers in our community. As a prosecutor and as state representative, Mike has worked to improve public safety in King County and throughout the 30th Legislative District. 

In the House of Representatives, he led the passage of new laws to better hold human traffickers accountable. And after years of state inaction, he brought state funding to our area to enhance local police enforcement at criminal hot spots and to support police training.

Fighting for taxpayers

Mike is particularly committed to improving our region’s healthcare system and preserving tax dollars. As a prosecutor, Mike managed statewide efforts to combat healthcare fraud and the abuse of vulnerable adults. Fighting against government waste, Mike has managed teams of investigators and prosecutors, returning over $30 million dollars to taxpayers from healthcare providers and out-of-state pharmaceutical corporations who commit fraud.

On the House State Government Committee, he has worked to root out government waste, and he has consistently put people before profits. Mike has led efforts to take on corporate crime. He is fighting to fix inflated car tab valuations in order to return $780 million in overpayments back to taxpayers. Mike has also opposed every state property tax increase and successfully supported the 2019 property tax relief bill for our district.

Dedication to Job Growth and Transportation Improvements

Mike was a United States Fulbright Scholar, studying economic development. He understands the importance of creating quality jobs and a strong economy. As our representative, he successfully supported state funding to expand economic development in Federal Way. As a member of the House Transportation Committee, Mike has fought to expedite the delivery of traffic improvements to our area.

Passion for Educational Opportunities for All

While in law school, Mike was a national leader to improve student loan access for students serving the public. Mike promotes educational access and in 2018 successfully advocated to make the final $1B investment to finally meet our constitutional duty to fund basic education, after years of legislative contempt.

In the House of Representatives, Mike led the passage of a new law to expand vocational training for those between jobs. He successfully helped create a new UW-Tacoma/Highline university initiative in Federal Way. Based on his Jesuit Catholic education, Mike maintains a passion that everyone in our region should have access to quality education. He previously served on the Board of Regents of Gonzaga University. 

State and National Leader for Equal Justice

Mike was Chair of the Washington Equal Justice Coalition. He advocated to improve access to basic rights and equal treatment for all citizens, ensuring that South King County and North Pierce County homeowners aren’t victimized by predatory corporate lenders, workers don’t unlawfully lose their jobs, veterans receive the benefits to which they are entitled, and everyone is treated equally before the law.  

fighting for our Community

A Federal Way homeowner, Mike fights every day for the interests of South King and North Pierce Counties. He took on powerful interests to combat airplane noise and vibration and identify the health impacts on our community from increased air traffic. He has fought to conserve the North Lake property at the Weyerhaeuser Campus. And he served three years with the Federal Way Human Services Commission to support local South King County non-profits. He will continue to fight to make sure that government works again for the people and meets the needs of our communities.