Representative Mike Pellicciotti (pelly-chotty) is leading the charge to make government more transparent and beneficial to the people of Washington, not corporate special interests. He wants to do the same as your next Treasurer.

Mike is one of the only Washington State elected officials who has never accepted campaign donations from corporations.

First elected to the House of Representatives in 2016 after personally knocking on over 15,000 doors to beat a Republican incumbent, Mike successfully introduced and passed into law legislation to get “dark money” out of politics, to modernize and increase financial penalties for corporate crime, and require greater campaign finance transparency by political action committees. He has championed open government laws and was the first legislator to call on the legislature to fully provide legislators’ public records, while also voluntarily disclosing his own.

Mike began his public service in 2005 as a King County Deputy Prosecuting Attorney, where he prosecuted domestic violence and sex trafficking. Later as an Assistant Attorney General, Mike managed statewide efforts to protect seniors and to combat complex financial health care fraud, returning over $30 million dollars to taxpayers. As State Representative, he has led bills to ensure that Sound Transit taxpayers only pay taxes on the accurate value of their property.

Mike studied business administration in college, before being selected as a United States Fulbright Scholar who studied economic development. After obtaining his masters degree, he then graduated from Gonzaga Law School. While in law school, he was a national leader to reduce student loan debt for those in public service and later served on the Board of Governors of the American Bar Association and the Board of Regents of Gonzaga University.

A Federal Way homeowner, Mike served on the Federal Way Human Services Commission for three years, supporting local non-profits that serve our most vulnerable. He has also served as the Chair of the Washington Equal Justice Coalition, advocating for workers' rights, protecting Washingtonians from predatory loans, and ensuring that veterans receive their full financial benefits.